Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Nothing to Fear

If you love enthralling romantic suspense novels, you'll enjoy Karen Rose's Nothing to Fear, the 4th book in the romantic suspense series. Dana Dupinsky ran a battered woman's shelter. But deep down inside, she had her own secrets of her past she kept to herself. When Alec Vaughan was missing, Ethan Buchanan searched for him from Maryland to Illinois. When they meet, they realized they both shared the same feelings for each other. But when Ethan realized the truth about her and Hanover House, the tables were turned, when there was a serial killer/kidnapper who sought  retribution and revenge to those who sent her to prison a decade ago, and sending those who stood in her path, a dose of paralyzing fear until the end. What an enjoyable read.

This was another great romantic suspense from Karen Rose. This one sent shivers down my spine and straight to my toes. I cared about Dana and Ethan and for Alec as well. I liked the twist of having a female serial killer angle in the storyline, too. I liked the Baltimore and Chicago dual locations for the settings in the series.  Great drama, excellent romance and hot non-stop romance, and plenty of intrigue and suspense through to the end.

Do you have nothing to fear? Warm up with a copy today!

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