Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Valley to Die For

If you love good cozies with a hint of archaeology, anthropology and history, you'll enjoy Radine Nehring's A Valley to Die For, the first installment in the Something To Die For cozy series. Carrie McCrite, a widow and retired librarian, moved to Arkansas from Oklahoma, a few years after her husband's accidental death. When her neighbor went missing and was found out dead, it was up to Carrie and her friends to find out who wanted her dead. Carrie later discovered a buried hidden family secret JoAnne kept to herself, which she had sworn in silence not to reveal until later. Between shots being fired at them, someone was now after Carrie, when she found a piece of pottery, and now targeted her and her friends. Later, she discovered the shocking truth of who done it and why... someone close to her. What a good read!

This was a great introduction to the Something to Die For cozy series. I cared about Carrie and how she met Henry King and her new friends. I became intrigued in the location of Arkansas for this mystery series and its intriguing scenic settings from start to finish.  This would intrigue you with its intricate storyline and hooked into the series. Great drama, non-stop action, intrigue, suspense and a dose of mystery.

Check out a Valley to Die for today! You'll like it!

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