Sunday, February 26, 2012

Tiger Reef

If you love adventures and thrillers that take place in the water, you'll love the Ben Gannon series, which take you on an adventure above and below the water.  Ben Gannon and his girlfriend Sasha are sailing and prepping to dive off the coast of Indonesia, when they eyewitness a barge being pirated. From there, things aren't what they seem, when they save one mate, and end up in trouble from witnessing it happen. They end up in the wrath of two men, Anton Jaeger and Malcolm Durant, who have a high price to pay for illegal tiger hides and for keeping one white tigress a prisoner. When Sasha gets captured, it's up to Ben and a few others to save her from Durant's clutches and then from Jaeger's hands, when they're on a wild wide and fight for their life with a surprise ending. What a rush!

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