Friday, February 17, 2012

Path of the Assassin

If you love action-packed military thrillers that would take you across the Post-9/11 world, you'll love the second installment in the Scot Harvath series. Scot's on the haunt for the remaining members of the Lions of Lucerne, when things go haywire in Macau. Meanwhile, Meg Cassidy is on board a flight to Egypt from Chicago, when it's get hijacked and terrorized, while she's an eyewitness to the silver-eyed assassin who've terrorized and killed in Europe and elsewhere. That person is the same person Harvath's in on the path for, halfway across the world. Meg and Scot are on the hunt for the same person or people, who killed innocent people on the plane. They team up and gets the shock of their lives, when the assassin's who's who they thought he was, and why's a close ally is after the same person for special reason. What an adrenalin rush!

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