Thursday, March 8, 2012

Dark Seduction

If you love time travel and historical romances, you'll love this hot new paranormal series from Brenda Joyce.  Claire Camden is a present day NY bookstore owner. She never knew who her father was, while she avenged the death of her sister and her mother, both from "pleasure crimes." When someone attacked her in her store for a mysterious ancient page from a book, she's rescued by a 13th century Scottish highlander. And in order to keep her safe, she travels back to time to 13th century Scotland, where she learns about Malcolm and the demons who invade the land by a demonic lord named Moray. Instantly, they're attracted to each other. But for Malcolm, his "pleasure" kills women with the beast inside him from a dark spell. Together they avenge the death of their loved ones, when there's evil in Scotland and surprising revelations from Claire's heritage and her "powers." Fantastic scenery and lots of suspense.

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