Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Reincarnationist

In MJ Rose's The Reincarnationist, the first installment in the Reincarnationist thriller series, you'll be hooked with this excellent thriller with shocking twists. Josh Ryder hasn't been the same, after the accident happened in Rome, one year ago. Now he's been experiencing memory lurches, that took him back to the hands of time to Ancient Rome and later to 19th century New York. When he returns to Rome, he met Professor Rodolfo at a mysterious tomb of one of the ancient Vestal Goddesses and the secret behind it. There, they're robbed and Rodolfo is shot.  Now it's up to Josh to meet up with Professor Chase, who've worked with the professor, and try to connect the dots. But there's evil men behind the theft of the missing Memory Stone, which unleashed those lurches of reincarnation. Rachel Palmer is another person who's experiencing her own past life regression in present day New York. Together, they unravel the secrets behind the stones and who's behind it all, with a shocking twist in the end.

This is an excellent debut in this thriller series with a hint of historical fiction entwined in the storyline plot. I cared about Josh and Rachel and how they dealt with their past and present lives. I loved the dual locations of New York City and Rome in both time periods. This would take you on a journey of your own from start to finish with heart-pounding non-stop action, drama, intrigue and suspense, all wrapped up in this mind-blown thriller.

Will you check out the Reincarnationist anytime soon?

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