Sunday, March 18, 2012


If you love hot and steamy historical romances, you'll enjoy this one. Elinor Harriman is a poor English woman, down on the luck with an ill and intolerable mother, who's on the request for a mystery bequest from her father in 1868 Paris. When her mother goes missing, she runs into French libertine, Francis Rohan, the Heavenly Host from Hell, who hosts raunchy and debauched behavior between men and women at his home. That's why he's the Prince of Dark. Lydia is Elinor's half-sister who's bewitched by Rohan's friend, Charles Reading, an unsuitable man with a scarred face. Still, there's someone who's after Elinor and marks her a target. Little did they know, when Rohan meets Elinor, their worlds collide, a love-hate relationship begins and sparks fly, when she turns his world and falls in love with her and saves her life, more than once.

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