Thursday, August 9, 2012


In Lisa Gardner's Hide, the 2nd installment in the D.D. Warren thriller series, it happened two years later their first case. D.D. Warren and Bobby Dodge were investigating a new case that dealt with mass graves. He was now a detective and  D.D. a sergeant, who have had ancient history with each other. There were plenty of drama here. We were introduced to Annabelle, someone who'd been hiding and living on the run from something or someone all her life. And when her past did get caught up with Bobby's newest case, it was time to re-evaluate her life and the secrets. We really do get inside Annabelle's and Bobby's lives here, see how closer they were to the danger and the people they meet, right to the end.

This thriller had sent chills and literally goosebumps up and down my spine. This would send you on a careening amusement park ride with plenty of surprises in store for the readers.  I continued to care about DD and Bobby, while I became concerned about Annabelle's life. I loved the Boston location and settings for this series, which painted the perfect picture for it. Great drama, intense non-stop action with intrigue and mystery along the way.

There's no reason to hide behind the book? Check it out today!

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