Saturday, August 18, 2012

Black Out

In Black Out, Lisa Unger enthralled us with another heart-pounding thriller. In this one, we were introduced to Annie Powers, a wife and mother, who had a secret life. And not everything was what she seems. We discovered her turbulent past life in flash backs, when she was known as Ophelia March. Somehow we watched how it trickled back in her past, when she broke down and cracked at the surface. Terrible headaches, bad memories, flashbacks and nightmares return. Everything she knew and trusted changes. We were delved into her psyche and watched how she tried to hold it together, when she fell apart, until it left her no other choice, no other way out, to confront her past and move on her life, before she blacked out for good. This dealt with you on an emotionally, physically, and spiritual level. This sucked me right into her world, when she told her story. It would do the same for you.

In this thriller, I really began to feel strong caring feelings for Ophelia aka Annie. When she had those painful headaches to block out with, I cringed and gritted my teeth for her. I really didn't want to see her in so much pain. I hated when her past life resurfaced to bring her back into the void. In three parts, you would care for her as well.

Embrace yourself with this nail-gritting thriller! Grab a copy today!

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