Saturday, August 4, 2012

Lucky Charm

If you love a great contemporary romance series, you'll love this Lucky trilogy. This one has great drama, suspense and plenty of romance. We're introduced to the Corwins, who were once cursed in love and fortune years ago. Each  men had their share of misfortune. Derek's one of them who gave up his high school sweetheart. He's a down-to-earth caring man--he loves his pre-teen daughter and his family. When Gabrielle, his former flame, comes into town, sparks heat up again, when they defy the odds of a superstitious curse. Instantly, you see the chemistry between them--it haven't faded. And this time, they would make this works. We can see how Gabby's close to her parents, her best friend, and how she's devoted to her work. It's a good start for this trilogy.

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