Monday, October 6, 2014

Special review: Justice for Sara from August 2013

Erica Spindler was back with her latest thriller that came out last summer. In Justice for Sara, we were introduced to Katherine "Kat" McCall who returned back to her small town of Liberty, Louisiana, ten years after the brutal death of her older sister. And it wasn't easy, when everyone was out to get her, when she was acquitted for her sister's death and moved away. While she looked to have a brand new start for her bakery business, old friends and foes made it hard on her. With Sergeant Luke Tanner on her side for her own ally, these two had a powerful chemistry together that was explosive. Together, they uncovered the truth of her sister's death and who killed a police officer on the same night. The closer she was to the truth, the more attempts were on her life to drive her away. In a small town, she discovered the hard truth on who was a friend or her foe with lies, and a devastating mind-blowing family secret that imploded right open. In the end, she did get justice for her sister and wouldn't ever look back again.

Once again, I was in shock and awe with the drama and intense action in this thriller.  I loved the driving force for Kat to clear her name on her sister's murder. I was glad that she had Luke on her side, when her own former town and friends were against her. I hated her cousins and her former ex-boyfriend and best friend who wanted to do her in. In the end, I was glad she was vindicated and started over with a new life. 

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