Sunday, October 5, 2014

Special review: No One Heard Her Scream from May 2009

In Jordan Dane's thriller debut, No One Heard Her Scream,  the first book in the No One series, she delivered us a spine-tingling thriller set in San Antonio, Texas. For Detective Rebecca Montgomery, they never felt her sister's body. With two more abductions in the same area in five months, since her sister went missing. She knew her killer was still out there. She would do anything to stop him in his tracks. But as a seductive stranger that shadowed her every move, she met Diego Galvan at the crime scene of they've found a young woman's remains inside a burnt-down movie theater. This had plunged Rebecca from grief to her new worst nightmare. With Diego's dark connections, it lead them to a new break in both cases. But somehow she found herself painted into a corner, when she couldn't stop Diego's seductive powers of persuasion, it would leave her vulnerable to become the killer's next preying victim, before anyone could hear her scream.

Man oh man, I was definitely hooked in the first page. I liked Rebecca and her determination to solve her sister's murder. When she experienced the nightmare, I felt the same heartache and pain, too. As for Diego, he was definitely a man of mystery and precarious as well.  You can really feel a sense of foreshadowing danger in this thriller. Cold chills went down my spine. My heart raced as well to raise my pulse up a notch.

If you love chilling thrillers, check this out this weekend!

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