Monday, October 6, 2014


In Lois Greiman's cozy debut, Unzipped, the first book in the Chrissy McMullen cozy series, we were introduced to Christina "Chrissy" McMullen in Chicago. She was a former cocktail waitress turned shrink, who were literally caught into a compromised position. Former Detroit Lions lineman Andrea "Bomber" Bomstad came into her office for a therapy session, he propositioned her by trying to rape her and literally dropped dead minutes later. From there, the CPD have been hounding her and claiming she was a suspect in his murder. For Chrissy, one annoying Detective Jack Rivera remained on her case, while there was some heated sparks between them. As Chrissy dug deeper into his life, more attempts were made on her life to silence her. It was up to her to crack the case and clear her name, when the true suspect was closer to her than she ever thought.

There was some sassy chemistry brewing between Chrissy and Jack who couldn't stand each other. I loved the love/hate relationship and how one irked one another to get on each other's nerves. I also liked the chapter quotes by someone close to Chrissy that set the path for the chapter for the storyline. I really didn't like Andrew Bomstad, since as Chrissy dug into his past, he was really a creep and a monster. I also didn't like David and Katherine, which irked me so much on how they used Chrissy's friendship for their own nefarious ways. I cringed a couple of times in this cozy.

If you love witty cozies, check this cozy out!

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