Sunday, January 22, 2017

A Merciful Death

In Kendra Elliott's A Merciful Death, the first installment in the Mercy Kilpatrick romantic suspense series, you said you can never go home again. FBI Mercy Kilpatrick was raised and born a prepper in a small rural town called Eagle's Nest in Oregon. A family tragedy had forced her to leave her home. Fifteen years later, she arrived on the scene on the prepper murders in own home town. Her family won't give her the time or day, as she dealt with the grisly crime scene and rumors of a cave man in her neck of the words. She meets Chief Truman Daly, who's uncle was one of the latest preppers murdered in his home. While she tries not to let herself fall in love with Daly, she comes face to face with a shocking reality of the missing weapons and broken murders. It reminded her on what drove her away from her home, when she tried to connect the dots from the past to the present cases on her own. Though her siblings had slightly welcomed her back in their fold, she reviews the past rape-murder cases to the one that came close of hitting home. In the end, she faces her own demons and dealt with one-two punch of when the truth comes out from her brother, before tragedy hits home again as she follows her heart to find love.

This was a really fantastic romantic suspense. I really cared for Mercy and  how she wished to find peace and solace with her family. Maybe within time, they would forgive her. I liked how she teamed up with Truman and didn't expect to find romance with him during tough crime scenes. I hated Craig for what he had done, even towards the end. It was really callous. I've found Eagle's Nest really picturesque for a small prepper town with its sights and sounds for the locations and settings. This would really keep you up at night and wonder who's really out there. This has romance, drama, non-stop action and plenty of intrigue.

Are you ready to encounter a merciful death?

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