Friday, January 6, 2017

Scandal in Silver

In Sandra Chastain's Scandal in Silver, the first installment in the Alexander sisters historical romance series, you'll be swept away by a beautiful and enchanting love story that came from the heart. During the Civil War, Sabrina's father wanted to mine the silver dream and be rich. But when he died in a cave-in, it left Sabrina and her four sisters alone. They needed someone to help mine the ore and to bury her father with their proper burial. So Sabrina left to go for help and encountered a treasonous massacre of Confederate soldiers and rescued the Misfits who were beaten and held captive. Sabrina rescues them and makes them her prisoners at her mountain home.  That's when she met Captain Quinton Colter, who had endured a lot of heartache of his own during the war. He was on a mission to confront a traitor who turned them in as the ultimate scapegoats. Not only did Sabrina fell in love with Colter, so did her sisters with Colter's men, except for her half-sister Raven, who was learning the ropes of her Native American Arapaho heritage with her grandfather. Other than dealing with danger on a war-torn ground, they followed their hearts to start a future in the end and a bright new adventure.

This was a beautiful classic loveswept story from the late Sandra Chastain. This was so romantic and enduring at the end of the Civil War. I cared for Sabrina and her sisters, who followed their hearts and set out for a romantic adventure with a former Yankee Rebel. This was so profound and enchanted to see how they dealt with loss and love in a swift timespan along the Colorado Territory. I loved the background of Colorado and the Civil War theme for the locations of that time period. This would make you sigh and cry and faint by these former soldiers as it would tug your heart strings real tight. Get swept away with romance, non-stop action, drama, intrigue and adventure.

Will you be daring to be a scandal in silver today?

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