Monday, January 16, 2017

Absolute Trust

In Piper Drake's Absolute Trust, Athe third installment in the True Heroes romantic suspense series, hold onto your hats for an action-packed novel. Brandon Forte and Sophie Kim had been friends and former sweethearts in high school, before he left for the military.  Now since he's retired and works for Hope's Crossing Kennels, an animal clinic outfitted to train dogs who fought in the war with their handlers. And Haydn, a beloved German Shepherd with a prosthetic leg, had been trained in the kennel. It all started when Sophie's car bombed and injured her ankle in the process. From there, it was all systems go, when Brandon protected her and was on a hunt for the perps who did this to her. When Sophie was let go from her job, something was up, especially when a certain mercenary organization him to request his services. While Brandon and his team look for clues on who wanted to do this to her, Sophie and Brandon grew closer to confide in each other about how they felt for each other, then and now. As soon as he put his life on the line for her, he would do anything for her to catch the perp and bring them down, one way or another, just to be with her and her life.

In this novel, there was so much to love about it. I loved how it featured a diverse couple between Sophie and Brandon, and how diverse Haydn was with three paws to become a canine star in his own right. This is a novel you can't put down. I cared about Sophie and Brandon, while they worked their past issues out and how he protected her one way or another. I also loved how they put their trust on each other, the same as he trusted Haydn too.  I loved the Philly background settings and locations for this picturesque scenery, including the kennel. I also liked Lyn and Elisa as well and the other characters as well. This has a lot of blood-pumping non-stop action, suspense, romance, and intrigue that you keep you at the edge of your seat.

Will you have Absolute Trust to pick up this sexy hot romantic suspense novel?

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