Wednesday, January 18, 2017

While My Pretty One Knits

In Anne Canadeo's While My Pretty One Knits, the first installment in the Black Sheep Knitting Cozy Mystery series, this tale would get you all tangled up in knitted knots with a compelling storyline. When local book author Cara Newhouse arrived in Maggie Messina's book signing and felting demonstration, she had hidden a terrible secret. It all started when it would be brought to light, when Maggie's craft store rival Amanda Goran made an appearance and acting good-spirited with a new look at her store. Something was up with her change of attitude. After the book signing, word came about on her suspicious death at her own home. And the police believed Maggie had something to do with her murder as a suspect, when her fellow knitter friends thought it might Amanda's own ex-husband Peter. To help Maggie get off the hook, they dug deeper into Amanda's life, when more suspicious robberies made them raise their own eyebrows. For Lucy Binger, she had put the pieces together, when she rescued Tink, one of Amanda's dog, and had taken him to the vet, which made him real sick. Not only had she had eyes on the new vet as a possible love interest, she made some other shocking discoveries between Amanda's and Cara's alliance with the key evidence, when things came to a head with a heated confrontation between her and fight for their lives to bring her to justice.

This was a great new craft cozy mystery to read and enjoy. You learn a lot about knitting and felting and other new crafty ideas in the back of the book, too. I adored Lucy and her fellow Black Sheep knitting friends, when they had a knitting night and helped piece together this murder. I loved the idealistic Plum Harbor location set in Massachusetts for a picturesque setting in majestic scenery. I could see Lucy and Matt hooking up with more dates in future books in the series. This would get you hooked into knitting and into the series with drama, non-stop action, a hint of romance and plenty of intrigue along the way.

Will you give While My Pretty One Knits a try today?

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