Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Flash of Fury

In Lea Griffith's Flash of Fury, the first installment in the Endgame Ops contemporary romance series, this debut will leave you on the edge of your seat and make you wanting more. For Kingston "King" McNally, he had lost his team in a secret covert op in Beirut, when someone betrayed his team, leaving three operatives killed. He's been on a mad hunt to go over Vasily Dresden and Horace Dresden, by no other means than dead. That's when he met Allison Redding on the plane, when it was Hijacked by Cameroon terrorists and then had threatened her life. From there, she had stolen his heart, when he vowed to protect her from the people after him. Though he thought she was a courier for the enemy, he saved her life and helped her escape from the crossfire. Between them, there was a brewing chemistry that could set the world on fire, while their world came crashing on down on then. For Allie, she had kept her identity a secret,  and had lost her heart to King, ever since he kissed her. While she was defiant against her father, she fled with King to safety as he promised to get her back home. And when their lives were in danger, King recognized the true traitor as Allie would do anything in the power to set things right for him and Endgame, in order to have him back again into her heart.

This was a mind-blowing contemporary romance series in this debut from Lea Griffith. I cared about King's hardship when he was younger and how he changed his life around. I adored Allie and how she stood up to her father and did things her own way, even to follow her heart to King. I think they're a perfectly matched couple. I loved the Middle Eastern locations and the vivid backdrop of scenic settings, even for the brief bits in Washington D.C. This would make you want to swoon for King, root for Allie, and watch your heart take a nosedive in heart-wrenching scenes with non-stop action, drama, heated romance, and tons of mystery and suspense.

Will you be gone in a flash of fury to read this book?

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