Saturday, March 25, 2017

Handle with Care

In Emily Porterfield's Handle with Care, this sweet and sensational contemporary romance novella would pull at your heart's strings. Abigail Miles was a successful psychologist from Philadelphia. She fled from Philly to escape from her haunted past and took solitude in a seaside town called Wincester Bay and hided out in her uncle's boat. That's when she met Craig Port, a widower with a young daughter, who befriends her and became wary of her, too. When he first met her, he didn't know who she was, but he couldn't hide his own feelings for her, as he had gotten to know her. When a local newspaper and a threat targets her in her sanctuary, she wants to flee and throws down her guard. But when she experienced new feelings for Craig and his daughter Chloe, she didn't know what to do with them. Forced to decide to comfort her past or take refuge in this town, she listened to her heart and made a new beginning with Craig.

This was a nice and sweet contemporary romance novella.  I cared for Abby's plight and how she wanted to hide from the world. I also cared for Craig and Chloe, who were dealt with a hard loss, and how they came to rescue as her first new friends. I loved how the town of Winchester Bay welcomed her, as it was remote and idyllic for a place to start anew. It took care of their own. This was a touching romance between two people who needed a fresh start, when they were dealing with their own hardships. Needless, they came together. This would make you sigh and cry and smile at the end. It has romance, some non-stop action, drama, and a hint of intrigue.

Will you find love to handle with care?

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