Sunday, March 12, 2017


In Yasmine Galenorn's Darkling, the third installment in the Otherworld/Sisters of the Moon urban fantasy novel, this would captivate you with a twisted tale of mythical gods, wizardry, and a battle of good vs evil. Menolly D'Artigo is half-human and half-fae, and also have been turned by a vampire named Dredge, when she has to battle her own inner demons and her fears in the Earthside world she lives in. When there's an outbreak of missing people, Menolly and her sisters discover a new nest of newborn vampires from the sire who created her rebirth. When one of her friends goes missing and perhaps captured by the new vampires, it's up to Menolly and her sisters to join forces with the other Supes to go after them to reclaim their world from being taken over by evil. For Menolly herself, she has to go to seek Jareth, a shaman, who can help her break the bond from her sire and free her from evil, while he also helps them locate Dredge to take them out. That's when she discover a shock about Dredge's past connections and prepare for battle to take him out for good. Later, they end his miserable life When they find Erin, Menolly has to save her life from becoming her sire and protecting her from the darkness inside her, as they've learned about a new threat that might take over their land.

This was a great urban fantasy novel. We get to learn a lot about Menolly and her background. I've raised my eyebrows to know that she's bisexual, which was a bit of an interesting twist to see her HBF background. I really adored Camille and Delilah as well and how they overcame their own inner demons as well. I thought Roz was about of a hoot, too. I liked the Seattle locations and the backdrop for the visual and picturesque settings for the otherworld and Earthside scenes. This would make you want to care for Menolly and her sisters and root her on from start to finish on how she became free from the darkness within her. This has drama, non-stop action, intrigue and a lot of mystery to keep you hooked from page one.

Will you be interested in reading Darkling?

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