Sunday, March 19, 2017

Killer Hair

In Ellen Byerrum's Killer Hair, the first installment in the Crime of Fashion cozy mystery, get ready to read a scintillating tale on scandals and a fashion faux pas. It all started, when Lacey Smithsonian attended the funeral of Angela Woods, a hair stylist that the cops believed it was suicide. But with Lacey's best friend, Stella Lake's instance, she didn't think so otherwise, including with the razor-cut hair. As for the fashion beat columnist for the Eye Observer newspaper, she decided to snoop around and check out the suspects. She ran into someone from her past, Vic Donovan, who she had formerly met in Sagebrush, Colorado. While he was doing security for the Stylettos salon in the D.C. area, they butted heads and tensions ran high. As she searched for answers, Angela's home was burglarized, the same for her own apartment, and threatened to back down by the owner of the salons. When she learned the scoop from another stylist on a mysterious videotape, she met her in Virginia Beach and discovered she was met by the same fate as Angela Woods. Now it was up for Lacey to put it together for her column, talk to Marcia Robinson, and later, she was attacked by an assailant. With her own close call of death with a piece of her hair lopped off, she figured it out whodunit and why, she cornered him and demanded answers. It was up for her to defend for herself, before it became too late for her too.

This was a fascinating and compelling mystery debut that deals with fashion. I cared about Lacey and her love for vintage clothes from her aunt Mimi. I also cared about Brooke and Stella, two of her closest friend, who helped her out in a pinch. I have found Vic adorable and could be perfect for Lacey. I loved the Washington D.C area for the vast scenic settings and the visual locations for the storyline. This would make you raise eyebrows, gasp, scream, and keep you entertained from the first chapter to the last with drama, non-stop action, intrigue and plenty of mystery. 

Will you be a victim of killer hair today?

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