Thursday, August 8, 2013

Arsenic and Old Paint

In the last and perhaps final installment of the Art Lover's series from Hailey Lind, Arsenic and Old Paint, Annie Kincaid was back and still stuck in the same love triangle. When she worked on a new faux finishing assignment in an underground tunnel, she was caught up in a new murder. And this one was similar in nature to a famous masterpiece. It was now up to her to find out the mystery between the painting and the creative re-enactment of it. She also discovered some interesting characters along the way, who would do anything to stop her in the way of finding out about their secret man's sex club. A couple attempts on her life didn't sway her decision to stick with it. We saw Annie try to figure this mystery and decided who she wants to be with in the end. There's a shocking twist.

This was a great conclusion to the Art Lover's series, in which I was sad it had to end, even on a happy note. I did feel torn and happy for Annie, who were stuck in her final art-related mystery. I hated to see, that people wanted to take her down and out of the picture. I loved the faux art themed mystery, too, and the helpful tips that were included in the end. I loved the central California locations in this one as well. I cringed, sighed for relief, and smiled in the end. Great drama, good suspense and action, and plenty of mystery for this final caper in the series.

Watch out for the arsenic in the old paint! Pick up this book today!

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