Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Runaway Duke

In Julie Anne Long's debut into the historical romance world, The Runaway Duke, she catapulted into a world of second chances and hidden secrets. Connor Riordan worked for the Tremaines in England as an Irish groom. But he was hiding a secret--he was really Roarke Blackburn, the Duke of Dunbrooke who supposedly "died" in the world, five years ago. When he helped Rebecca Tremaine from an arranged marriage, they were on the journey of a lifetime and fleed to Scotland. While she disappeared, Rebecca's sister, Lorelei, had a fantastic debut into her season, when she fell in love with a colonel, which disappointed her mother. Meanwhile there was a scheming duchess and Rebecca's fiancé were going to track them. Hot on their heels, they ran into highwayman and traveling gypsies. The closer they get into danger, the more they fall in love with each other. We saw how they struggled in this whirlwind relationship, while Roarke came out into the open, if it wasn't for a locket, and regained what was his. We discovered how Rebecca makes her calling as a healer or doctor and listened to her heart. In the end, they belonged together to start their lives in royalty.

This was a delightful historical romance. I cared about Roarke and Rebecca and how they fooled everyone, except for their hearts. I loved the storyline and how they worked together to hide from their past. I thought Lorelei was okay, but I did pity her mother for not approving of her own love match.  I loved the dual locations of England and Scotland in this historical romance. This would shock you and enthrall you at the same time. Great drama, plenty of suspense and action, and great intrigue and romance along the way.

Are you ready to catch a runaway duke? Check out a copy today!

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