Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Lincoln Conspiracy

If you love historical thrillers, you'll love this debut from Tim O'Brien. In the Lincoln Conspiracy, it takes you right on an adventurous joyride and a welcomed blast to the past. Right after Lincoln's murder, his assassin were on the run. While the country mourned his loss, we were right into the thick of it with Temple and Fiona McFadden. When they discovered two secret diaries, everyone was after them to get it back. And they would do everything, whatever it takes to not let everyone learn the truth. Real life historical figures came to life to give them a creative nonfiction twist. We do get involved with Mary Lincoln and her family, and the people who might become a friend or a traitorous foe. While Temple and Fiona were in danger, they've become caught up into who instigated the murders and why. You'll witness what the McFaddens and the what the killers would do next, too. A real enjoyable historical thriller.

I love this creative nonfiction or alternate history twist to this historical thriller.  I cared about the Lincolns and the McFaddens for sure. I also cared about our country as a whole, when we mourned a loss of another great president. I loved the historical action elements in this to make it a real good page-turner. I was saddened, that Tim O'Brien haven't written any new books yet since this one came out. I loved the Chicago location in this thriller to make it more real and accurate.  Great historical factual drama, great action and suspense, and plenty of excitement for this thriller to wrap up a good thriller.

Have you heard about the Lincoln Conspiracy? If not, give this one a go this weekend!

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