Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Guilty

If you enjoyed Henry Parker in Jason Pinter's debut thriller, The Mark, you'll enjoy him the 2nd installment of the Henry Parker thriller series, The Guilty. One year later, Henry was back to report in his newest story. While things were getting hot with Amanda, things were going for a downhill swing for him. It all started with a singer's murder at the nightclub. More escalated deaths had grown from there. It was a race between Henry's and Paulina's papers to print the story for competition. While Paulina had Henry watched, he was on the top of things for his story that had a historical past connection you didn't see coming. We saw Henry and Amanda's relationship struggle and later fall apart, when his life was threatened and Mya kept calling him. To keep her safe, he did what he did best. We all encountered the fearless and ruthless mind of the killer. It was time to separate the guilty from the innocent.

This was another gripping thriller from Jason Pinter.  I did feel bad for the singer and her family. I also liked Henry with Amanda together, while I thought Mya was a bit annoying. She couldn't let things go. I still love NYC as the backdrop for the location in this series.  I also felt sad for Henry and Amanda, when their relationship fell apart at the seams. This would take you on a wild ride for an adrenalin rush. Great drama, explosive non-stop action, and lots of great suspense from the first to last page.

Are you guilty for not reading this thriller? Check it out today!

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