Friday, August 16, 2013

Hot Dish

In Connie Brockway's contemporary romance debut, Hot Dish, we were introduced to Jenn Lind aka Jenn Hallesby. It started out with a flashback to a small town beauty pageant as she was outraged by a unbeknown scandal, she vowed not to go back there again. Years later, she was a well known New York Martha Stewart type on cooking and crafting. But she was asked to come back to be a grand co-marshal for Fawn Creek's celebratory parade, that was about the same time Steve Jaax returned back to her life, and she landed a new show from a new channel. But it wasn't all what it seemed due to change. Back home, she met some familiar characters and her parents at their B&B home. Things changed, when there was chemistry between her and Jax, while they were after her butter head from back then. Humor, romance, blackmail and extortion with loads of drama were the perfect ingredients in this romance.

This was a humorous and hilarious contemporary romance that would leave you laughing out loud. I cared about Jenn and Jaax and her family. I love the small town of Fawn Creek Minnesota for the location and pleasurable settings, especially in winter.  This had me on the first page and compelled me to keep on reading to the very end with a smile on my face. Great drama with humor, lots of good action and romance with a hint of intrigue.

Will you discover the hot dish today? If so, pick it up this weekend!

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