Friday, May 1, 2015

Beef Stolen-off

In Liz Lipperman's Beef Stolen-Off, the second installment of the Clueless Cook Mystery cozy series, Jordan McAllister returned to solve another touch case. For Jordan, things were looking up for her and her column at the newspaper. But when her boss wanted her to go to the Cattleman's Ball, Rusty Morales was her escort for the night. That's when she met some interesting cast of characters, before things turned awry when Rusty had a seizure and turned up dead. Now it was up to Jordan and her brother Danny to find out who wanted to poison Rusty and why, while she helped her friend Sandy exorcise some ghosts from her grandfather's house. When she had gotten closer to the truth, she had a close call of her own from the killer herself.

This was a great culinary cozy with a take on the beef industry. I continued to care for Jordan with her relationship with Alex and also with her brother, who was a bit of a charmer. I did feel sorry for the Morales family. I loved the central location of Texas with its scenic settings. This would make you cringe and smile throughout the novel from start to finish.  Great drama, good non-stop action and intrigue with hints of suspense and mystery.

Will you find out the story of the beef stolen-off? If so, check it out today!

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