Saturday, May 2, 2015

Lover Be Mine

In Nicole Jordan's Lover Be Mine, the second installment in the Legendary Lovers series, she told us an enraptured tale of two star-crossed lovers who were meant to be. When Lord Jack Wilde went to the masquerade ball of the Fortins, he was dressed as a pirate and did it as a dare by his cousins. Little did he know, he would fall in love with Sophie Fortin. But due to a decades-old feud between both families, he would have to work hard to woo Sophie away from Lord Dunmore. While Sophie's family counted on her to make a noble match, since she lost her brother years ago, she tried not to fall in love with Jack, no matter how hard he tried. For Jack, he came from a turbulent childhood with an absent father and adopted by his cousins in England, who haven't forgiven his father for abandoning them.  In order to woo Sophie's hand, he would have to put the past behind him and make amends with his father and settle the score with both families, before they can have a happy ending.

This was a beautiful and heart-warming historical romance that touched my heart. I really cared for Jack and what he had endured and gone through, when he was just a child. How much can a little boy can take? I also cared for Sophie who was torn between love and obligation, when she went with her heart's content on loving Jack. I loved the vast locations in Europe of England, France and the imaginary country of Navartania. It painted a vivid picture and scene for the settings. This made me heartsick for the couple and applaud them in the end for overcoming any obstacles they had for each other. This had great romance, drama, intense intrigue and plenty of action.

Will you be swept away with Lover Be Mine? If so, check it out today!

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