Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Bone Orchard

In Daniel Judson's The Bone Orchard, the second installment in the Gin Palace thriller series, he told us a gripping tale of revenge and corruption. It all started with saving a girl in a car accident from drowning in the year for Declan MacManus and his friend Augie. From there, it escalated into something worse and severe, when they've been bribes, attempted on their lives, and a deep dark secret that remained buried and hidden under ground. For Mac, it never knew what happened to the father. When he thought the Chief of Police was his enemy, he never expected it to be his own boss Frank, who had it in for him, especially with a shocking twist towards the end with a grisly climax.

This was a gripping and enthralling thriller in the trilogy. I cared about Declan and Augie and Tina. I didn't like the Chief or Frank for that matter. I loved the vast New York settings for the location in this fast-paced thriller. This would make you hold on tight for a wild ride with a lot of shock and awe on police corruption with a town's deadly secret. Great drama, excellent non-stop action, plenty of intrigue and mystery from page to page.

Will you discover the bone orchard today? If so, watch yourself with a copy!

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