Sunday, May 31, 2015

If Angels Fall

In Rick Mofina's thriller debut, If Angels Fall, the first installment in the Tom Reed and Walt Sydowski thriller series, he told us a gripping and dark tale about missing children. It all started with the disappearance and murder of Tanita Donner, a year ago, which had haunted Tom Reed. When he accused someone of being the killer, the backlash had destroyed his career and ruined his marriage. Now there was a strain of kidnappings between two children, when Tom was on the trail with Walt Sydowski on a possible serial kidnapper of Edward Keller, a deranged father who lost his children 20 years ago in a drowning. Before it was too late, they solved both cases, while Tom salvaged his marriage and saved his son from the evil clutches of water in a race against time.

This was a compelling and shocking thriller debut by Rick Mofina. I felt sad and worried about the Reeds, Donners, Nunns and Danners. I felt Edward Keller was a deranged looney toon. I did feel bad about Tom's marriage to Ann and his relationship sliding away from Zachary.  This is a riveting read from start to finish that would take you for a fast-paced ride like a speeding roller coaster.  I loved the vast California locations and scenic settings with the non-stop action, tons of compelling suspense, drama and intrigue from the opening to the closing of this book.

Will you be there if angels fall? If so, catch a copy today!

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