Monday, June 1, 2015

Summer of Firefly Memories

In Joan Gable's Summer of Firefly Memories, the first installment in the Loon Lake Woman's fiction romance series, she told us a beautiful tale about family and second chances in love. For Samantha McGreggor and her two sisters, they lost their parents, twenty years ago. They had dealt with the loss in their own way and haven't seen each other since. That's why Samantha decided to reunite them to Loon Lake in Minnesota. For Sammy, she was an environmental writer who met the Hunter siblings who owned their cabins from the previous writer. It was a magical summer, when she found new love for writing and with Jake, and learned about reliving old memories while making new ones with her sister Cassandra, who's the oldest and newly pregnant, while worried about her marriage, Alexandra, the youngest who finally graduated from college and starting a new career, but had a lot of angst about her sisters, and Gabriella, a mother of three boys, who had something new to share with the sisters. It had brought them closer together than before.

This was a beautiful and heartfelt woman's fiction novel. I cared about Sammy and her three sisters and the new changes in their lives. I also cared about Kelly, who wanted to have a baby. I loved the Loon Lake location in Minnesota that brought them together with a heart-to-heart talk about the past in order to be together for the future. The scenic settings were wonderful and amazing. This would make you laugh, cry, smile, and sigh by the end of the novel--a wonderful start to the series, too. Great drama, romance, a bit of action, and lots of intrigue in this beautiful novel.

Will you venture to Loon Lake to have a summer of firefly memories today? If so, bring a tissue!

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