Thursday, June 25, 2015

Married Til Monday

In Denise Hunter's Married 'Til Monday, the 4th installment in the Chapel Springs christian romance series, this was a heart-warming and lovely Christian romance novel that tugs your heart. In this novel, it focused on Ryan McKinley and his ex-wife Abby. When his former in-laws invited to their anniversary party, when they kept their divorce a secret. On the road trip to and back to the party, they revisited how they met, fell in love, got  married, and what made it fell apart, when they lead separate lives. Abby and Ryan rediscovered each other and fell in love with a fresh start, while she acknowledged the heartache of her father's verbal abuse against her, while Cole and PJ tied the knot for this fairytale ending.

This was so beautiful and made it cry throughout the novel. I loved Abby and Ryan on how they've worked through their issues. But I hated Abby's parents and Lewis for how they crushed Abby's self-esteem. I loved how Ryan's family supported her and re-welcomed her into the fold. I loved the Chapel Springs and Indianapolis dual locations for the scenic settings. This really pulled at your heart strings for an emotional wild ride. Great drama, a hint of suspense, intrigue and lots of light non-stop actions.

Will you stay married til Monday? If so, check it out today!


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