Sunday, June 7, 2015

Beneath the Moon and the Stars

In Amelia Thorne's Beneath the Moon and the Stars, she told us a heart-warming love story about finding love and a new home with some serious consequences. For Joy Cartier, she wanted a new start in Bramble Hill, England, when she lost her parents years ago, and have been traveling from place to place. But her neighbors didn't care for her and gave her hell, except for her newfound friend Casey and Zach Fallowfield, and Finn Mackenzie, the local celebrity. But Joy had a secret about being a horticultural artist with a chainsaw and carved some awesome sculptures out of dead trees. But for some people believe she was the diamond thief who've hit their town, while Joy and Finn tried to get along as friends, but it blossomed into something more, when something bad happened to her. They've tried to find their own in love and forced them to reveal their true feelings, when they've found each other in the end.

This was a beautiful contemporary romance about love and home in one wonderful contemporary romance. I cared about Joy and her friendship with Finn, Casey and Zach. I loved how Alex looked out for her and found love in an unexpected twist in the end. I didn't like how the villagers treated her one bit, even if they tried to poison her and her dad. This was so beautiful, it made me laugh, cry, sigh and cringe in a few spots. I loved the relationship between Finn and Joy, too. This would make your heart swell with taught heart strings on this emotional roller coaster.  Great drama with nice non-stop action, great romance with some humor and intrigue throughout this novel.

Will you find your new love beneath the moon and the stars? If so, watch out for a copy today!

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