Thursday, June 11, 2015


In Toni Dwiggins's Quicksilver, the prequel to her Forensic Geology mystery series, this was a great introduction to the series. It all started with the search for Robert Shelburne's missing brother, which led them on a crazy path of finding long lost blue-colored stones to lead them to the quicksilver, something his brother had been poisoned with. When they've found him, that's when it gets interesting as family secrets poured out about the past, when they discovered some hidden clues between the Shelburnes and the blue stones, until his disappeared on them again.

This was a fascinating prequel to this forensic geology series. I've learned so much about geology that I would've learn in school, even for earth science classes. This mystery packs a helluva punch with only four characters to steal the show. I cared for Cassie and Walter, didn't like Henry much and was on the fence for Robert. I loved the California location with the vast scenic settings from Silicon Valley to the trail of gold.  This would make you take in the sights with a deep sigh. Great drama, excellent suspense and intrigue with a hint of mystery.

Will you find quicksilver today? If so, give this a try!

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