Sunday, June 28, 2015

Killer Heels

In Sheryl Anderson's Killer Heels, the first installment in the Molly Forrester mystery series, this mystery has it all--romance, humor, and plenty of intrigue. Molly was a columnist for Zeitgeist magazine, when she wanted to get away from it all and become a real journalist. As she discovered the dead body of a colleague, that's when she investigated the murder and met the handsome Kyle Edwards, a police detective for the NYPD. As they dug into Teddy Reynolds's life, she suspected a couple of people from her magazine, until her boss wounded up dead. The closer the truth she'd gotten to uncover an, the more she couldn't believe the real culprit was and why, when her life was on the line.

This was an excellent introduction to the Molly Forrester mystery series, which packed a helluva punch in the first couple of pages. I cared about Molly, Tricia and Cassady, including Kyle Edwards. I felt bad for Helen, and was on the fence for Yvonne and Gretchen. I liked the NYC location for the vast scenic settings for this mystery debut. This would make you think twice and suspect everyone you know with goosebumps and gasps on every page. Great drama, good suspense, excellent non-stop action with tons of intrigue and humor.

Will you wear a pair of killer heels today? If so, watch your step with a copy today!

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