Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Race

In Clive Cussler's The Race, the 4th installment in the Isaac Bell historical action-adventure series, this time he took to the friendly skies on an aerial race. It all started with Josephine Josephs, who wanted to be the first woman to race cross-country in an airplane, when she witnessed her husband attempted to kill her friend and lover. That's when Issac and the other Van Dorn detectives were assigned to protect her during the race from her husband. During the race, there was a lot of mayhem, sabotage, murder, and a lot of deceit, when Isaac took to the skies and fly a plane himself while protecting her and learned the hard earned truth about the plotted scheme to make her a winner--or not.

This was another fascinating historical action-adventure series from Clive Cussler. He tackled automobiles and trains in the past three books, and now have done airplane so beautifully. I loved Isaac with Marion and rest of the Van Dorns. I didn't like Harry or Marco Celere one bit and felt bad for Josephine to fall for their vile acts of love and deception. I wasn't certain about her feelings on Preston Whiteway. I loved the cross country locations and vast scenic locations for the entire novel.  This would make you ooh and ahh through the storyline, like you were watching fireworks in the sky.  Terrific non-stop action with suspense, intrigue, drama and a hint of romance along the way.

Will you come aboard to join the race? If so, hit the friendly skies today!

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