Saturday, June 27, 2015

Murder on Molokai

In Chip Hughes's Murder on Moloka'i, the first installment of the Surfing Detective Mystery series, we're taken on a wild and thrilling ride in Hawaii. For Kai Cooke, a surfing detective for the Hawaiian islands, his first case was requested by Adrienne Ridgely, when her sister had died from an accidental death on the mule ride. That's when he looked into the array of suspects that ranged from her sister's ex-husband to the people who were also on the mule ride. As he dug deeper into Sarah's life, things get grim when Adrienne was hit by a car and threats were aimed at Kai. That's when he knew about the hui had some involved into it and needed to throw a monkeywrench into their landing zoning plans for good, even if he staked his life for it.

This was a great introduction to the Surfing Detective series. I cared about Kai and Adrienne's plight to find justice for her sister. I loved the Hawaiian locations in this novel with vast scenic settings in various Hawaiian cities, since we learn about their culture and customs on living on the islands. This would take you on a wild ride on the ocean to keep you thrilled with this fast-paced mystery novel.  Great drama, excellent suspense and intrigue, with lots of non-stop action and intrigue along the way.

Will you say aloha to Murder on Molokai? If so, grab a surfboard to ride the waves today!

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