Monday, June 22, 2015

Special review: Left for Dead from October 2008

In Kevin O'Brien's Left for Dead, when Claire Shaw awakened in a Seattle hospital, she didn't recognize the faces from her husband and friends, while she knew she was lucky to be alive and a lone survivor from a serial killer. She understood she was a mistake like the others, and there would be no escape, when her eyes focused on the beautiful, perfect terror. When she returned home to her island home from the mainland, she returned to a life she didn't know anymore, a town that can feel it too, when the evil remained hidden behind its facade. Slowly, Claire's memories return and take shape, when it really feels like home.

This was another gripping and spell-binding thriller. I cared about Claire Shaw and the precarious state she wounded up in, when had amnesia and felt danger closed in on her. I also loved the Seattle island location that isolated her from the mainland for the settings to foreshadow the ever present danger. This reeled me in for a wild emotional roller coaster ride from the first to last page. Great drama, excellent non-stop action and suspense, intrigue and mystery.

Will you be wary, if you're left for dead? If so, give it a try today!

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