Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Sound of Glass

In Karen White's The Sound of Glass, she told us a gripping tale about searching for the truth on the family and finding new answers for love. For Merritt Heyward, she recently lost her husband and moved to Georgia from Maine, when she recently inherited her late grandmother-in-law's home. From there, she met her stepmother Loralee and her ten-year-old half-brother Owen Connors, a family she didn't know, when she was estranged from her father, who had passed away. Within the hands of time, she met her half-brother-in-law Gibbes and revealed the truth to her marriage to him, and bonded with Loralee, who was gravely ill and carried a journal of truths. Together, they discover the truth of a 50-year-old plane crash, when it did with family secrets and the sounds of sea-glass, with a shocking heart-breaking twist in the end.

This was a beautiful and heart-warming mystery from Karen White. This really tugged at your heart with strong mixed emotions. I cared about Merritt, who dealt with an abusive husband, and for Loralee, who wanted to bond with Merritt before she died. I also enjoyed Gibbes and Owen, too. I loved the historical mystery plotline of the plane crash and the truth on who and why it was done, killing others along the way. This was a great story that dealt with love, heartache, and family secrets, for an intense and crazy mystery from the past that lead to the future.  Great drama, action, suspense, a hint of mystery and romance to wrap this up with a big bow.

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