Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Big Girl

In Danielle Steel's latest romance, Big Girl, Victoria Dawson was born unloved by her parents, made fun of all the time, and never sized up to her young sister Gracie, who had all she ever wanted. She didn't look like to them and ate a lot for comfort food. Although her feelings never changed for her sister, she fought an uphill battle with them, as she tried to make her world her own with her teaching, finding relationships and finding her niche in New York. But it was never easy, until she found the right guy, especially when her sister got engaged to a replica of her father, and that was when her parents learned a lesson at face value. Not only that, she learned to love herself. This is a good book to read, if you have daughters. As long as you love who are you, you don't have to change a thing. This is one of her greatest romances up to date.

This was an excellent contemporary romance about family and favoritism amongst siblings.  This brought tears to my eyes, when her family mistreated her, when others teased her, and how she found a good guy in Gary who took care of her. It also taught us a lesson about loving yourself before loving others. Just be yourself! This one would score high marks for families all around.

Come as you are in this novel! Grab a copy to download to buy this week!

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