Monday, March 22, 2010

Game Over

In Fern Michaels's Game Over, the 17th book in the Sisterhood Vigilante series,  the Sisters were back with kept promises of a new future. The Sisterhood Vigilantes waited to get their pardons signed, sealed and delivered. But there was a dilemma, a setup and some snafus along the way, especially for their own Lizzie Fox, who was heading for a coveted seat in the White House. They would do their best to protect one of their own.  In the end, they played their part for justice at the White House to obtain their freedom. Everyone did get a happy ending from surprising engagements to expecting babies for all the players involved in this series.

This was another great book by Fern Michaels. I continued to care about the Sisters and Lizzie, especially when Lizzie's future was heading on the way up. I loved the Washington D.C. area for the backdrop of this series with spectacular scenic settings. This would make you be shocked and be awed at the same time. Great drama, good action and lots of tension and intrigue along the way.

Why don't you check out Game Over today!

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