Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Race for the Cure (ARC review)

If you love a great thriller with a fantastic plotline and juicy twists and turns, you'll love Joan Brady's Venom, a sequel to Bleedout. David Marion is an ex-con on the run, when someone wants him dead. He goes under the radar by using a disguise and leaves no trace behind. Dr. Helen Freyl is a physicist and apparent heir to a bee farm. The farm caused much friction between two medical corporations who both want the farm's rare bee venom. Both English companies, UCAI (Univers Chemical and Analytical Industries) and Galleas International, both want to patent it. UCAI offers Helen money and warns her the competition. She turns them down.

UCAI offers her a job in London working for the Follaton Foundation. After she accepts, they wine and dine her, still trying to get her to sell. Even Sir Charles Hay, the leader of UCAI, dates her and proposes marriage to Helen. Even though dubious of his true intentions, she accepts and keeps her eyes open. She then discovers the hidden truth about the radiation poisoned victims over in Belarus. They play hardball. From there, people who work for them and uncover their secrets wind up dead, then Galleas International catches on about the truth. David gets word of her dilemma and goes to her. When Helen catches on to UCAI and Hay, she ditches him with David's aid and they go on the run. There is more than hint of passion between them. From the USA to London and Belarus they travel. If you love great thrillers, you'll love the race for the cure in Venom.

(I would like to thank BookChickCity for letting me enter the 2010 Suspense/Thriller Challenge, and letting me review this ARC. The book came out last month. I would also like to thank Ally Glynn, the web manager for Simon and Schuster UK, for sending me the book.)

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