Sunday, March 21, 2010

This Duchess of Mine

In Eloisa James's This Duchess of Mine, the 5th book in the Desperate Duchess Series, this historical romance dealt with Elijah and Jemma, who met at an arranged marriage by their parents, and have been separated for nine years. That's when she learned a shocking discovery and bolted from the altar.  She went abroad and created a scandal, if anyone believed those lies, Jemma swore she'll win Elijah back in order to have a heir, and wooed him to fall in love with her. When she learned about his heart ailment, she'll do anything to have him love her, no matter what the price. Sooner than later, the duke fell in love with his own wife. 

I loved the theme that it dealt with a match of chess.  I thought it was a clever maneuver and a quirky setup. The backstory between Jemma and Elijah of how they spent their nine years apart and led their separate ways. This showed what people would do for love and to even the score. Between Jemma's wittiness and Elijah's heart condition, this would grip you into suspense and make you ooh and ahh at every page turn. It's a priceless love story.

Check out this enchanted historical romance today!

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