Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Last Surgeon

If you love great medical thrillers, you'll love Michael Palmer's The Last Surgeon. Dr. Nick Garrity was suffering from PTSD from his war wounds and searched for his friend, who vanished from the war. Jillian Coates was a psych nurse, who didn't believe her sister committed suicide. Together, they joined forces to discover a heinous plot that stemmed from the CIA and dealt with the ongoing war, while they go head to head with Franz Koller, the mastermind of the "non-kill." Later, Nick and Jillian fall in love. A great medical thriller and one of his finest yet to date.

This was an excellent medical thriller. I continue to love the political connection to it as well. I did feel bad for Jillian and Nick, who both suffered from tough losses in their life. But they do make an excellent team and couple together. I didn't like Koller one bit. I loved the Washington D.C.-Virginia dual locations for the storyline. This would take you an exhausting thrill ride from the first page to the last. Great medical suspense, intense action and intrigue along the way, with a hint of romance and mystery for this novel.

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