Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Where Memories Lie

In Deborah Crombie's Where Memories Lie, the 12th installment in the Kincaid/James series, we were introduced to Gemma's neighbor and friend, Erica Rosenthal. This mystery meshed with historical factual fiction. It started with the missing brioche that turned up at a London auction house. Erika believed it lead to her husband's death, which was assumed a suicide. That's when Erika told Gemma about her past about fleeing the Nazis in the war. It was up to Gemma to investigate the connection between the brioche and David's death in the cold case. When a second present-day murder turned up, she needed Duncan's help to sorting things out and giving Erika justice she deserved.

This was another great Kincaid/James mystery in the series. I did care about Erika and her plight. I also cared about Gemma and Duncan, too, and how they've worked together and grown together as a couple. This would make you speechless and breathless right to the end. I loved the great scenery in England for the London locations for this novel. Great drama, excellent intrigue with non-stop action, and plenty of suspense and mystery from start to finish.

Do you know where memories lie? If so, please check it out today!

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