Saturday, April 11, 2015

Cookie Dough or Die

In Virginia Lowell's Cookie Dough or Die, the first installment in the Cookie Cutter Shop Cozy mystery series, we were introduced to a new kind of culinary cozy with a twist. Olivia Greyson owned and runs a cookie cutter shop, the Gingerbread House, with her best friend and partner, Maddie Briggs. They make cookies with various cookie cutters. But when her close friend, Charisse Chamberlain passed away, she didn't believe it was by accident or suicide. She believed it was murder. And that's when she started to investigate with Maddie, when there was a wide range of suspects, while she inherited a huge surprisingly lump sum from her in the will, which makes her a target for the killer. The closer she was to learning the truth and her family history, the more her life had ended up in close peril.

This was an intriguing new culinary cozy series. I cared about Olivia and Maddie and felt bad for poor Charisse and what she went through. The fictional town of Chatterly Heights in the Baltimore area was enchanted and interesting as well for a small functional town. This held me at the first page and made me kept reading to the end. I became curiouser and curiouser for sure on whodunit and why. Great drama, intriguing suspense and mystery with plenty of non-stop action in every page.

Will you give Cookie Dough or Die a try today? If so, check it out for yourself!

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