Thursday, April 9, 2015

Sea of Love

In Susan Donovan's Sea of Love, the first installment of Bayberry Island, she wrote an enchanting and lovely contemporary romance novel. Rowan Flynn was the innkeeper's daughter of Safe Haven on Bayberry Island, a small island off the Cape Cod coastline. It was also famous for its legendary mermaid tale of love from her ancestry. During festival week, that's when she met Ashton "Ash" Wallace, a consultant for a company to develop land on her island. But when they met, they both had emotional baggage to deal with--for Rowan, a con artist who broke her heart and stole her family's memory. For Ash, he grieved the loss of his best friend and partner. Sparks fly between them, when he had a new plan for her island. When she found out, he would open up his heart to profess his love for her.

This was a beautiful contemporary romance series debut. I really cared about Rowan and Ashton and became mystified about the mermaid lore and romance with her magic on the island. Bayberry Island was an ideal location off the Cape Cod coastline to make the settings idyllic and lovely, but remote. This enchanted me from start to finish with the background of Rowan's life and Ashton's devotion to the environment and how he dealt with the grief. They would make beautiful music together too. Great romance, wonderful drama and intrigue and lots of mystic suspense to wrap things up.

Will you encounter the sea of love? If so, check it out today!

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