Friday, April 10, 2015

The Man on the Istanbul Train

In Maria Hudgins's The Man on the Istanbul Train, the second installment in the Lacy Glass series, she had written a gripping tale from start to finish. For archeologist Lacy Glass, it all started for her on a train ride to Istanbul in Turkey to check out a dig. From there, the mystery had unraveled with the unearthing of a new dead body, and a police imposter. With an assault on a colleague and a traitor in their midst, there's been many attempts on her life, while she dug into the real truth to discover the truth behind shady dealings and an antiquity smuggling across the border. In the final scenes, she figured out who done it and why.

This was a fantastic travel mystery in the Lacy Glass series. I cared about Lacy and Paul and became intrigued into the imposter plot. This gripped me from the first page and gave me such pleasure in the climaxing end. I loved the vast locations and scenic settings from Ankara to Istanbul Turkey. It was real vivid and crisp to see the archeological dig site in my mind. This would keep you in suspense without a letdown in the final pages. Great drama, plenty of non-stop action and suspense with intrigue and a hit of mystery to wrap things up.

Will you be wary of the Man on the Istanbul Train? If so, check it out today!

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