Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Perfume Garden

In Kate Lord Brown's The Perfume Garden, she told two wonderful love stories for the price of one. Set during 9/11 and the months after it, for Emma Temple, she recently lost her mother from cancer, and the love of her life, when he died from that terrorist attack. Not only that, she found out she was pregnant with his baby and that he married her former so-called friend Delilah. Due to heartbreak, she flew to Valencia, Spain, when she worked on a perfume garden to heal her broken heart and made new friends. During the 2nd world war in the 1930s, it was a story about her grandparents, Jordi and Rosa del Valle, when they made hard and fast friendships with Freya, Emma's aunt. It told the story about her mother's birth and how she landed in England, while both Charles and Freya dealt with their own loves and losses. As both stories intertwined, when Emma read her mother's letters and started a new life for her there in Spain.

This was a beautiful heart-wrenching contemporary/historical romance, which told two different love stories during the time of war and terrorism on this world. This made me cry throughout the novel, since my heart ached for Emma, Freya and Rosa--three different women who risked it all. I cared for Emma who lost Joe after she lost her mother. I thought Luca was a hot Spanish man. I didn't like Delilah one bit, since she was a tramp. I also felt heartache for Freya, who was separated from Tom during the war, and for Rosa too, who cared Lourdes aka Liberty, when she loved one brother and forced to live with a monster of her husband, who was his brother. Talk about an awkward love triangle. Vicente had gotten what he deserved. I loved the locations of Valencia, England and New York City for this heartbreaking romance novel. Great drama, excellent romance, non-stop action and tons of great historical facts to keep you hooked through this dual love stories.

Will you check out Emma's perfume garden today? If so, pick up a copy today!

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