Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Let Me Love You Again

In Anna De Stefano's Let Me Love You Again, the 2nd installment in the Echoes of the Heart contemporary romance series, we return back to Chandlerville, Georgia, for another heart-warming romance novella. For prodigal son Oliver Bowman, he returned home when his adoptive father suffered a heart attack. From there, he ran into his former flame, Selena Rosenthal, who broke his heart years ago, when she slept with his future brother-in-law Brad Douglas. For Selena, she kept the secret of her daughter Camille's paternity for seven years, and was also a recovering addict like Oliver was. She was also dealing with Parker, her soon-to-be ex-husband and their pending divorce, who didn't give a damn about them. While Oliver dealt with the past and needed to make a clean slate to make things right, he wondered about Camille being his daughter, while Selena learned about the truth about her father. In the end, they've mended fences along with their broken hearts and fall in love again.

This was a beautiful contemporary romance novella focusing on the Dixon's growing family. I cared about the Dixons as a whole with Oliver, Camille and Selena. This was so beautiful, it touched my heart and made me cry. I loved the small-knitted town of Chandlerville GA once again. This would make you fall in love and follow your heart for second chances.  Great drama, excellent romance, plenty of intrigue and non-stop action to hook you to the end.

Will you check out Let Me Love You Again to pre-order now for 4/28/15 release?

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